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If you have determined that the Skip The Warehouse program is right for you, please fill out this form so that our sales team can start your order:



MINIMUM ORDER: 783 square feet of hardwood flooring. This equals one pallet (52 boxes).

DISCOUNT: 15% discount applies to the total value of flooring purchased, excluding taxes or shipping costs.

DOWN PAYMENT: 25% down payment at the time of placing your order. This and all subsequent payments can be made via any major credit card or PayPal.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: We collect the 25% down payment at time of placing the order. If you choose, you may setup weekly or bi-weekly payments to pay down any portion of your remaining balance before your order ship date (the day we actually start trucking your flooring to you).

FINAL PAYMENT: Any balance remaining is due 3 business days before your order ship date.

FAILURE TO PAY: No penalty for skipping any payments during your set payment schedule. Failure to pay your remaining balance 3 days before your order ship date will delay your order until payment is received. Your order will be subject to a $50 per month (or portion) storage fee for each pallet or portion (52 boxes) in your order. After 6 months of storage and failure to pay your remaining balance, your order will be cancelled and you will forfeit your 25% down payment.

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION:  The cutoff for order cancellation is 5pm PST on the last business day of the month in which the order was placed. If you have not provided EASIKLIP with notice within this period, your will forfeit your 25% down payment. Any further payments will be refunded.

RETURNS: Any returns (partial or full order) of hardwood flooring purchased through the “Skip The Warehouse” program will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. The rest of our standard 30-Day Money Back Guarantee still applies.