Skip The Warehouse - Save 15%

Hardwood flooring online sale - save 15%

Easiklip's High Eco-Friendly Low Cost Hardwood Flooring Model

At Easiklip, we aren't just about providing beautiful hardwood flooring that is easy for you to install with no experience. We  love that you can use our flooring without nails or glue and can make easy repairs or even remove it completely without damaging when you move or renovate. This all adds up to a highly eco-friendly flooring situation...and we didn't even mention that it will last a lifetime!

What about the cost? Considering that most contractors charge more than $2.50/sq ft for installation, that's a pretty huge cost savings when you can do it yourself. Plus, having a floor that will last a lifetime really lowers the long term costs too. 

But we wanted to add yet another cost savings for you. Something truly unique to Easiklip that fits with our company values of eco-friendliness and our desire to always provide the best value to our customers.

Skip The Warehouse Program

Our "Skip The Warehouse" program is a simple solution that saves you money and makes our planet happier. Here's how it works:

Hardwood flooring online sale cheap, save 15% on easiklip solid hardwood floors
  1. Pre-order your flooring before the last day of the month
  2. We manufacture your flooring to order
  3. Your order is shipped to you right away as soon as it is manufactured (it "Skips the Warehouse")

Why is this so great?

So many reasons!

  1. You save money - 15%: Every business pays a premium to have their products sit around on warehouse shelves until they are sold. That cost is factored into the final price you (the buyer) pay for the product. Our hardwood flooring is no different. BUT, when we manufacture to order, then ship directly to you, we don't pay our warehouse...or should we say, "you" don't pay our warehouse!
  2. You save the planet: Manufacturing to order also ensures that no product gets wasted by never being sold. Further, maintaining warehouses is a resource intensive affair - heating, cooling, staffing, heavy-duty equipment packing supplies and more. Your conscience can rest easy having taken part in the preservation of so many resources!
  3. You can split your payment: No need to pay the whole bill upfront. You only need to pay 25% to place your order, then you can pay the rest in however many increments you wish. We suggest weekly or bi-weekly payments. Your remaining balance is due when we have your order ready to ship.

The Details:

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