Hardwood Flooring Cost Calculator

Hardwood Flooring Cost Calculator

Easily work out your entire hardwood flooring project budget in seconds. Calculate square footage of rooms, cost of materials per room and even add in waste factor, tool rentals, moldings, baseboards and other miscellaneous expenses. Plus, print the results for your records.

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Additional Costs ($)

Input any other expenses associated with your hardwood flooring installation project, then press the Calculate button

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Cost Estimate (including waste factor)

Total Square Feet of Room 1  

Total Cost of Room 1            $ 

Total Square Feet of Room 2  

Total Cost of Room 2            $ 

Total Square Feet of Room 3  

Total Cost of Room 3            $ 

Total Square Feet of Room 4  

Total Cost of Room 4            $ 

Total Square Feet of Room 5  

Total Cost of Room 5            $ 

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How to use this calculator: 


Congrats! You found the best square footage and cost calculator for flooring projects. At Easiklip DIY Hardwood Floors, we are a hardwood floor store, so naturally, we'd love for you to calculate costs for your DIY hardwood flooring project. But really, you can use this as a laminate flooring calculator, or even for tile, vinyl, engineered wood and just about any flooring you can imagine!

To use this calculator, simply plug in the dimensions of the rooms that require flooring and the cost of the material for each room. For example, if you had a room that was 4 feet 5 inches by 4 feet 5 inches and the cost of flooring materials was 5 dollars per square feet, then you would enter 4 into the first box and 5 feet into the one right of that then 4 to the right of that and then another 5 and in the last column you would put a 5.

hardwood flooring cost calculator example

Once finished inputting all your dimensions, fill in the additional costs of tools and other flooring expenses. Once all that is done, press the Calculate button and the cost estimate will be revealed to you underneath.

flooring calculator

What about smaller divisions of inches?

The smallest divisions of inches typically found on rulers and tape measures are sixteenths of an inch, or 1/16th inch. Sometimes those are divided in half to get even smaller measurement units known as thirty-seconds of an inch, or 1/32 inch.


Sometimes you need to calculate measurements that are smaller than an inch. Here's how to do it:

EXAMPLE: Room width = 10ft 10 3/16 inches X Room width = 10ft 3 7/32 inches.

*Values like "10 3/16" can not be used in our calculator. Values must be converted to decimals first. So...

  1. Convert 3/16 inches to decimal:
    Use the formula
    how to convert fractions of inches to decimal
  2. Convert 7/32 inches to decimal:
    how to convert fractions of inches to decimal
  3. Now we can add our decimal calculations onto the original measurements in place of the fractions:

    EXAMPLE: Room width = 10ft 10.1875 inches X Room width = 10ft 3.21875 inches.


Using the Hardwood Floor Calculator


The hardwood flooring calculator helps determine the amount of flooring material needed for your rooms. Simply enter the dimensions of your room and the calculator finds the square footage of the room. Each room can have a separate price per square foot in case each room needs a different flooring material.

Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional, this flooring calculator can help you estimate additional fees that will be needed for your project. If you are hiring a professional flooring installer, you can input the price of the installer along with additional fees such as carpet removal, tool rental, underlayment and more.

The amount of flooring needed will also include a waste factor that you can decide. This will factor into the cost to give an even better idea of how much it would cost you to finish your project.

What is "Waste Factor?"

A hardwood flooring waste factor, or waste factor for any type of flooring, is simply the amount of extra flooring material you need to compensate for material wastage during installation. 

Why do materials get wasted?

  1. You or your installer may make mistakes when cutting boards or may accidentally damage boards during transportation
  2. You'll need to cut down boards to fit your room dimensions, odd wall angles and doorways

Your flooring manufacturer will be able to tell you the waste factor they recommend for their particular product. Typically it is around 10%.

At Easiklip Floors, we recommend a waste factor of 5-8% when using our clip-together solid hardwood flooring like Natural Oak, Greywash, Rustic Smoke Stain or Rustic White Bleach.

How to Calculate Square Footage


Measure the room's length and width. If the area is not a simple shape, then break the room into separate squares. Calculate the square footage of each part then add them together to get the total square footage of the room. Make sure these measurements are in feet and inches.

If you measured your area in meters, convert those measurements to feet using our Meters to Feet Converter above. 

Find the square footage by multiplying the length of the width.   


flooring cost calculations
flooring calculator square foot

Calculating Different Shapes

calculate square footage of odd shaped room for flooring calculator

In this example, and other examples like it, the trick is to split the shape into several rectangles (or squares). It doesn’t matter how you split the shape - any of the three solutions will result in the same answer. Solution 1 and 2 require that you make two shapes and add their areas together to find the total area. For solution 3 you make a larger shape (A) and subtract the smaller shape (B) from it to find the area.



In this example, the trick is to use the formula. All you need to do is take the radius (the distance from the center of the circle to the outer edge of the circle) and square it (multiply by itself) then multiply it by 3.14. 

Formula: 3.14 x Radius2


In this example, the trick is to see that a triangle is simply just half of a rectangle or square. After realizing that, the formula becomes clear that the area of a triangle is just the base times the height multiplied by half. 

In this example, the trick is to notice that it is a rectangle with a missing chunk. The formula to use is ((a + b) / 2 )h

What is the cost to install hardwood floors?

Obviously you have figured that you'll have to pay for the flooring, but let's talk about some of the other expenses associated with a hardwood flooring installation project:

The following tools are not required for an Easiklip Floating Solid Hardwood Floor installation, but may be required for standard hardwood or various engineered flooring types:

    • Glue
    • Nails
    • Glue applicator
    • Compressed air nail gun for flooring
    • Sanders of various types and sandpapers of various grades
    • Stain, varnish or laquer

The costs of all these tools and their supplies can add up. Start a spreadsheet for all your tool rentals and purchases, then put the total into our calculator above. 

  • Underlay:
    Various types of floors require different underlays. They are used to dampen sound (acoustical underlayment) and/or protect agains moisture seeping up from subfloors (moisture barriers or damp-proof membranes). Underlayments can be made out of cork, plastic, foam or a combination of these. For an Easiklip solid wood floor installation, we recommend a 3-in-1 underlay like this one from Amerique.
  • Baseboards:
    Baseboards, also known as 'skirting,' 'moulding' or 'molding', are boards used for aesthetic reasons to cover the expansion gap at the edge of a hardwood floor. They create a pleasing transition from the flooring to the walls. Baseboards can be made from plastic or wood.
  • T-mouldings
    Aka "Transition Mouldings" are used to bridge the gap between different types of flooring. If your hardwood floor in your living room needs to transition to your tile floor in your kitchen, you'll need a transition moulding .
  • Dump Run/Waste Removal
    Self explanatory. Depending on your work site, if you can allocate a big enough area for waste collection, you may only need one dump run. Remember, you'll have plenty of waste and recycling from flooring packaging materials, wasted end pieces and damaged flooring, plus any old carpet that may be getting torn up. Some cities also have anti-dumping rules that require special procedures for disposing of old engineered flooring waste as it can contain hazardous substances. Do some research as this can add significant costs to your wast disposal.
  • Handyman/Contractor
    Unless you're doing your entire renovation yourself, you'll probably have to pay someone to help you out. Try visiting a site like Trusted Pros to get a quote for professional hardwood floor installers and handymen in your area.
  • Installation Service
    Again, Trusted Pros is a great site for finding a company to service your entire hardwood flooring installation.
  • Miscellaneous 
    Got any other expense items that are unique to your situation? Add them up and put them into the calculator.

Average Labor Cost For Installing Hardwood Floors

As a general rule of thumb, it is generally fairly safe to estimate that an installer will charge you nearly what you paid for the flooring. So if you paid $3 per square foot for your hardwood flooring, you can expect to pay about $3 per square foot for installation. 

Of course there are many factors that play into the cost to install wood floors, or any floor type, for that matter. Some factors that may increase cost due to longer labor hours include

  • Floor furnace vents
  • Pipes, heaters and odd-shaped obstacles that come out of the floor. Cutting boards to fit around these can be tricky
  • Odd shaped rooms, especially with rounded corners
  • Uneven subfloor that needs leveling
  • Concrete subfloor - moisture tests, levelling and subfloor preparation may be necessary
  • Low-quality flooring materials that may be tricky to work with
  • Having your installer remove your furniture and old flooring
  • Having your installer pickup and deliver your flooring materials

As you can see, there are many factors that influence the installation cost of your wood flooring. It is always best to reach out to a few local contractors in your area and get at least 3 estimates before deciding how you will proceed. 

Obviously, you can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, by installing your floors yourself. Just check out this video of a couple guys installing an 800 square foot hardwood floor in just 10 hours with no experience! They used Easiklip Solid Hardwood Flooring.



Worried about paying someone else TOO MUCH MONEY to install your hardwood floor?

Do you want to know how much it REALLY costs to install hardwood? Check out this case study of a DIY hardwood installation with costs, timeline and list of materials:

cost of timber flooring installation

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