How to Remove Dents in Hardwood Floors Easily Without Damage

How to Remove Dents in Hardwood Floors Easily Without Damage

Did you have an accident that damaged your hardwood floor? Without proper attention to safeguarding your wood floor, it can be easy to end up with deep scratches or unsightly dents.

But fear not! Although it's not invincible, your Easiklip hardwood floor is easy to repair.

In this article, we'll guide you through how to remove dents in hardwood floors easily.

Firstly, we'd like to begin by reminding you that every solid wood floor requires tender care and affection. Although your Easiklip floor is likely the worlds easiest solid wood floor to repair, we still hope you never have to do it. The best way to keep your wood floors looking great is to prevent damage in the first place.

hardwood floor dents easily

Make sure that you follow these basic guidelines to keep your floor safe from any future damage:

  • Use wood filler so that you can move shelves, refrigerators, sofas, etc. without damaging the hardwood.
  • Install rugs along foot traffic paths to absorb the wear but to also catch dirt and debris. Rugs will also protect from pet paws.
  • Rearrange furniture regularly to reroute foot traffic and so that the entire floor wears at a relatively even pace.
  • If your flooring sits near a large bay window on the South facing side of the house, install blinds, curtains, window tint, or a rug to avoid the 'sun square' worn down look.
  • See a spill – wipe it up with wet cloth. Notice dirt – sweep it up. Use caution when moving piece of furniture and for the last time, take off your shoes indoors!

Ok, now on to the part you came for.

hardwood floor dents easily

How To Remove Dents Easily from Hardwood Floors

Easiklip is just as easy to uninstall as it is to install. 

The process is simple: Since Easiklip is not a glued, nailed, screwed or otherwise permanently secured system, you can simply lift up the boards and unclip them from one another.

You'll need to work in reverse to how you installed the floor. So don't forget which corner of the room you finished your installation in. The last board you laid is the first board you'll take up.

Here's what you'll need to do:

how to remove dents in hardwood floors

  1. Identify the affected area of your floor and which boards will need to be replaced. Measure the lengths of the damaged boards.
  2. Using new Easiklip boards (you may need to order an extra box with your initial purchase so you're prepared!), cut the new boards to match the lengths of the boards you will replace.
  3. Next you will uninstall the floor boards up to the damaged boards. Remove any baseboards from that area of the floor and clear any furniture or obstacles. 
  4. As you remove boards, life them slowly and pop them out. Number each board on the underside (with a jiffy marker or similar) in an ascending order so as to remember the sequence in which to reinstall them. This will save you having to re-cut any boards later.
  5. Once you have lifted all the boards up to the affected area, replace the damaged boards with your pre-cut replacement boards.
  6. Re-lay all the previous boards in the order you removed them in.
  7. Replace baseboards and furniture.

How to repair a hardwood floor by Easiklip


And you're done. It's that easy! 


Hardwood flooring is considered to be longer-lasting and more durable than softwood floors or laminates. That's why so many homeowners are willing to invest in a floor that they know will last for years to come.

So there you have it. Sometimes life happens and your lovely hardwood floors get a little bit of punishment. Now you don't need to worry. 

Although your Easiklip hardwood floor can't withstand absolutely everything life throws at it, the repair process is so simple that you won't have to live with your unsightly reminders of past floor abuse for very long.

how to get dents out of hardwood floors

If you're like us, you'll fall in love with your Easiklip floor pretty quickly. What's more, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you'll be able to keep this versatile and easily portable floor with you forever! As you saw from repairing your floor, uninstalling this versatile system is super easy. If you're planning a move or big renovation, take up your floor to save it from possible damage or to move it to a whole new location. Pretty impressive, right!?

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