Easiklip Solid Oak Flooring Coating Specifications and Emissions Test Results

Easiklip floors prides itself on using Klumpp coatings for all solid wood flooring products. For over 100 years, Klumpp has been leading the way in providing floor and furniture coating solutions around the world.


Today, all modern productions for pre-finished hard wood flooring rely on ecologically friendly, VOC-free, radiation-curing coating systems. Well over 90% of the coating systems used are UV-radiation-curing; Occasionally, electron-beam-curable coating materials (EBH) are also used. A technological innovation is the energy-saving LED-UV-radiation technology.

In the industrial production of pre-finished hard wood flooring, a multilayer structure is used. A specific function is assigned to every single paint layer (UV-Primer, UV-Putty, UV-Seallers and UV-Top Coats). In this way, surface properties like adhesion, abrasion resistance, indentation hardness and scratch resistance can be customized for the most diverse customer needs and therefore increase the individual added value.


klumpp certifications

Emissions Testing

Easiklip flooring was first introduced to consumer markets in France. As such, we have tested the emissions of our flooring coatings as per the Eurofins VOC Regulations in France.

For complete details on this test and the emissions classes measured, please review this document on French Voc Regulations.pdf.

Emissions Test Results

Easiklip flooring underwent Eurofins emissions testing in 2011. Here are the results of that test:

Easiklip floors emissions test results

For the complete test report, please see Easiklip Eurofins Emissions Test Results.pdf.