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Vapor Shield Premium Floor Underlayment


Product Description For best results when installing your Easiklip floating flooring, use Easiklip's Vapor Shield premium floor underlayment for sound dampening, as a moisture barrier and to help resist mold...

$110.00 USD
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The success of your hardwood flooring installation depends largely on your subfloor. Ensure that your underlayment requirements are met with our underlayment that provides a vapor barrier, sound deadening, and cushioning for your new floating floor.

The success of every installation of Easiklip solid hardwood floating flooring is dependant on the subfloor preparation.

To prepare a subfloor correctly, it must be flat (no more than .18" of variance in a 10ft radius) and it must be dry.

To ensure dryness and to provide some necessary cushioning and sound isolation under your hardwood flooring, an underlayment is required.

Which underlayment is best for hardwood flooring?

For Easiklip solid 3/4" hardwood flooring, we recommend a 2mm (roughly 1/12th inch) thick foam pad with a moisture barrier.  

It will be easiest to install if the underlayment is a 2-in-1 roll that includes the foam and the moisture barrier in one. Also, look to see if it has an adhesive strip along one side as that will speed up your installation. You don't want to be fussing with duct tape all day!

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