Why Get An Easiklip Floating Wood Floor

Install Beautiful Hardwood Floors Like a Pro

Without Glue, Nails or Screws

Have you ever wanted solid hardwood floors but thought it was too expensive or too hard to do it yourself? Hardwood floors have always been costly and very difficult to install for the typical DIYer. The expense of installation tools and equipment can rival the cost of the flooring. Add in the services of a flooring contractor and you have a budget busting expense!

DIY Flooring That’s So EASI It Almost Lays Itself!

Introducing Easiklip Floating Solid Hardwood Flooring, the floor that installs using clips instead of glue, nails or screws. You can even take it with you if you move!

Easiklip flooring allows you, the do-it-yourselfer, to bring the warmth and beauty of real solid hardwood floors into your home or office. The simple design means you can install your floor in hours instead of days.

“Easiklip. No Nails, No Glue, No Fuss.”

The genius is in the design; a unique patented solution to the age old problem of wood contraction and expansion.

Easiklip aluminum clips, oak floating hardwood click and snap together flooring vancouver

Aluminum clips firmly hold each board together. At one end of each clip is a clear silicone rubber bead and at the opposite end are two green silicone rubbers which are designed to set an automatic expansion gap between the width of each row. This ingenious system allows for variations and movements in every single board of the flooring. The floor “floats” above the subfloor reducing friction points and the boards stay quiet underfoot, summer and winter.

Silicone beading helps cushion the planks which prevents squeaking by allowing the boards to move freely as they gradually expand and contract depending on the humidity of the room. In other types of floors, gluing or nailing prevents floor boards from moving, causing squeaky and uneven floors.

How to install easiklip floating hardwood floors, engineered hardwood wood flooring floors

As with any floor, the subfloor must be smooth, level and dry. Once prepared, the boards simply snap into the Easiklips fast and easy. The only tool you need is a small saw for custom cutting individual boards to the size of the room and doorways. Click here for our complete installation details and a video.

Hardwood Holds its Value Better than Any Other Floor Material 

Easiklip floors are solid hardwood, not a laminate or engineered floor. The process of making engineered flooring requires the use of industrial adhesives to glue wood veneer onto a backing to make it look like a real board. Most engineered wood does not wear as well as solid wood or laminate. It also dents easily. You can carefully refinish some of them once, but the veneer may be too thin for even one refinish.

By comparison, wood floors maintain their value over time. Whereas other types of flooring appear faded and outdated after a few years, wood floors keep their charm for a lifetime and are a valuable asset when selling a house.

A survey by the National Wood Flooring Association asked real estate agents about the impact of hardwood floors on homebuyers. Of the Realtors interviewed, 82 percent said that homes with hardwood floors sold faster and often for more money. Hardwoods are easier than ever to care for and are a smart investment in your biggest asset: your home.
- Scott McGillivray, HGTV host

Unlike linoleum, tile or laminate flooring only hardwood floors hold their value. A natural insulator, hardwood feels smooth, warm and inviting on a cold morning. The natural colour of wood fits any décor, turning a house into a home.

Modern condo aesthetics are pretty uniform, and hardwood floors are most consistently seen as a must.
- Leslie Richardson, Property.ca Realty Inc.

And, since you do it yourself, you will feel the pride of workmanship for years, especially when you show your new rooms to your family and friends. (Just wait until you see the envy in their eyes!)

Durability and Eco-Friendliness

We offer a product that lasts 50-70 years, as opposed to other floors on the market which may only last 15-20 years. Because our floors last longer, we use fewer resources over time compared to our competitors. A 6mm wear layer gives all Easiklip floors a life span of at least 70 years with proper maintenance and refurbishment every 5 to 10 years.

At the same time, Easiklip Solid Hardwood Floors increase the value of your home and add character, with high-class solid wood floors of which you can be proud. You will have the pride of workmanship that went into it because you did it yourself.

Portable Solid Hardwood Floors Save Money and Forests

Part of the vision of Easiklip is to save the world’s hardwood forests. You can remove your Easiklip floor in the reverse order of how it was installed and take it with you wherever you move or renovate. Not only is this a tremendous cost saving for you, but it saves valuable forest resources at the same time. It is the only hardwood floor that is portable. If you think you may use your floors to enhance the beauty of your next home, remember to number your boards on the back for easy re-installation.

You Receive a 25-Year Warranty

The warranty on this floor is twenty-five years (please retain your sales receipt with the purchase date), provided that the flooring is laid and maintained according to the instructions and guidelines which are given on the “How to Install” page and in the manual included with all of our products.

Before installation: The warranty applies only to major defects of the specific product purchased. Boards having a defect at the time of installation are taken into account and exchanged.

After installation: If a board had unnoticeable defects at the time of installation and was not exchanged under warranty, this defective board may be exchanged for a new board within the 10-year period. The warranty does not, in any way, cover any fees associated with the installation of the new board and is limited to only the replacement of the single board.

Click the button below for full warranty details: Easiklip 25-Year Warranty

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Shop without worry! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of delivery. Please contact us directly once you've got everything packed up and we'll arrange a pickup time, at no cost to you. We even take back partial orders.

Please visit this link for full details: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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