Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable, eco-friendly hardwood floors that are the easiest to install in the industry. We accomplish this by:

  • Providing a top quality product that lasts at least 50-70 years (less wasted wood means our forests last longer!)
  • Not using volatile organic compounds or formaldehyde in our floors (we care about your health and the environment)
  • Providing an ingenious "Klip" system that requires no training and holds our floors together without nails, glue or screws (our floors are easily installed in very little time)

Meet the Easiklip North America team!

Our small team of passionate Easiklip connoisseurs are dedicated to helping you bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home. We live for the smile we see on your face when you can proudly stand back and admire the eco-friendly hardwood floor that you built yourself.


Harry Chu, Easiklip president, engineered hardwood wood flooring floors

Harry Chu

Customer Education Specialist 

Harry was born in Taiwan and was raised in the beautiful city of Vancouver. His family has been involved in log and lumber importing and exporting for several decades, so Harry's progression up the supply chain to finished hardwood flooring products, was a natural one. Having always lived in fast-paced and costly big cities, Harry has become intimately familiar with short project timelines and narrow budgets. It is for these reasons that he loves Easiklp! He loves helping people find the flooring that they can install themselves on tight timelines and even tighter budgets.

When he's not busy making important decisions in the Easiklip office, Harry likes golfing, going to the movies, playing foosball and eating out.

Harry is always eager to hear from Easiklip customers and welcomes any comments or questions from anyone interested in what he believes is the best hardwood flooring product in the North American marketplace.


Reuben Avery, easiklip, engineered hardwood wood flooring floors

Reuben Avery

Customer Education Specialist 

Reuben grew up on a farm and has always felt very strongly about preserving the limited resources that nature has to offer. He jives with the Easiklip mission because he believes every manufacturing company, big or small, should be producing products that last for decades. He values health above all and finds great pleasure in dealing with Easiklip products because of the absence of nasty chemicals used in most engineered floors. He loves knowing that he can install an amazing hardwood floor by himself, whenever he wants to!

Outside of the Easiklip office, Reuben enjoys performing with his 9-piece funk band, writing songs, spending time with friends and eating great food. 

Reuben would love to answer any questions you may have about the Easiklip system and help you find the perfect floor for your home!