Price Comparison

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How does the price of an Easiklip solid hardwood floating floor compare to similar floors?

Curious as to how our easy DIY hardwood flooring compares to similar products on the market?

Because the name or our game is to help you save time and money, we've done some research for you, so you don't have to!

The table below illustrates how Easiklip compares to a similar solid hardwood flooring product as well as an engineered wood flooring. In all examples, prices were calculated with the following criteria:

  • Shipping is to a California zip code (91016)
  • All prices are quoted in USD
  • Prices are based on a 1,000 square foot project

[powr-price-table id=6bf98bdc_1482965852]

Unless you have experience with installing wood floors, it's highly likely you'll have to hire a professional installer to lay your flooring once it arrives. This is assuming you purchase anything other than Easiklip. With Easiklip floors, our boards are designed with a tongue and groove profile and are held together by a unique aluminum clip system underneath. 

The Easiklip system is so easy to install, that you won't need any experience to have your floor properly installed in just hours. If you can put together a puzzle, you can lay an Easiklip floor. It's so easy that we didn't even include installation costs in the above pricing comparison, because we're confident you won't have any!

In case you are curious though, and are considering other flooring types, here's where we got our information about the costs associated with installing hardwood floors post purchase:



This article on breaks down the different cost points associated with installing different types of wood floors. We used the lowest cost point for calculating our installation figures in the above comparison, so if you do end up choosing a wood floor other than Easiklip, you may still want to add a little more into your budget for installation, just to be on the safe side.