Flooring Price Comparison

flooring price comparison

A Flooring Price Comparison of An Easiklip Solid Hardwood Floating Floor to Other Types of Floors.

The table below illustrates how Easiklip compares to a similar solid hardwood flooring product and engineered wood flooring. To make the evaluation “apples to apples,” we used the following criteria:

  • The shipping destination is to the California zip code (91016)
  • All prices are in USD
  • Prices compare a 1,000 square foot project
  • Board width is 5 in. (12.7 cm)

[powr-price-table id=6bf98bdc_1482965852]

This flooring costs comparison chart shows that Easiklip will provide the best value if you are installing it yourself. It’s perfect for DIYers because this solid hardwood flooring system installs without glue, screws or nails. Instead, Easiklip uses a patented aluminum clip. Boards snap together and float over the existing floor.

View this video first and see how easy it is to install.

Also, if you need more knowledge about installing or maintaining hardwood floors, Easiklip has a full range of helpful flooring articles. You’ll find videos, pictures, and useful links.

You’ve Made Your Flooring Price Comparison, What’s Next?

The first thing to do is to order a sample pack from Easiklip to see how beautiful it will look in your home. You will receive a 5"x5.75" sample of each of our floor types:

You can also order individual samples if you don’t need them all.

When you are ready to order or have any questions, contact us here, or call us at 855-539-5547.