How to Protect Hardwood Floors During a Move

How to Protect Hardwood Floors During a Move

Owning hardwood floors is an interior decor dream come true for many. It's truly the best of what the flooring market has to offer. Whether you're only now looking into the market or have been dealing with hardwood flooring for a long time, learning about how to protect hardwood floors during a move is a good idea. Relocation can be stressful and chaotic enough on its own; there's no reason to add wrecked floors to the equation.

Ask experienced professionals

Even though it's great that we can look up nearly anything nowadays, this doesn't guarantee us that the information we find is valid. When it comes to protecting hardwood floors during a move, you shouldn't take risks with potentially unreliable sources. That's why it's best to contact professionals and ask them anything that you're unsure about. Gather a list of all the things that concern or trouble you and get your answers.

Two women talking about ways to protect your hardwood floors during a move.

If you're looking to protect your hardwood floors during a move, you should contact professionals for help.

Don't be afraid to invest

As an owner of hardwood floors, you're probably aware that you cannot simply hope for everything to go smoothly. Luckily, some items can help keep your floors safe. Investing in the products that'll help your floors last for a long time is a really smart approach.

Get quality hardwood floors

Before purchasing the products made to help you protect your hardwood floors, you should have a solid base to start with. If you haven't purchased the hardwood floors for your new home yet, you should really think the investment through. Although they are a pricier choice, getting high-quality hardwood floors wins over purchasing a lower quality substitute any time. In the long run, making the more expensive choice will end up saving you some money.

High-gloss hardwood floors that should be protected during a move.

If you're lucky enough to have found excellent quality hardwood floors, make sure to protect them during a move.

Underlayment is critical

If you're not familiar with it, an underlayment creates a seamless surface for installing top flooring materials such as laminate, vinyl, premium vinyl tiles, tiles, carpets, and hardwood flooring. A hardwood floor underlayment offers a more suitable surface for building the top floor when the sub-floor is not flat and smooth. Getting an underlayment will ensure that your floors are installed correctly. It would give them a much better chance of staying intact if something heftier were to fall on them during moving.

Coat your hardwood floors

For the ultimate protection for hardwood floors during a move, hardwood coating is the way to go. Having this extra layer of protection can really make a difference. There are different sorts of layers, including UV-Primer, UV-Putty, UV-Seallers, and UV-Top Coats. Every one of them has a particular function that helps your floors stay intact no matter the surroundings.

Cover your floors during a move

If you want even the hardwood coating layers to stay safe and protected during a move, you should cover your floors with something. Moving furniture into your home can be quite a challenge. To avoid dents, scrapes, and scratches, don't forget this step. There are several items on the market you can use for this. You want this material to cling to your floors, protect them, and be easy to remove later.

Bring your household items in carefully

To make sure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, you will probably want to hire a moving company. Aside from the usual services that they offer, residential movers can also help you protect hardwood floors. An experienced crew by your side will ensure the easy transfer of your household items without any damage. Before the moving day, contact your movers and ask for any tips about what you can do to maximize protection.

Never drag your furniture

The best way to make sure there is no damage to your hardwood floors during a move is never to drag heavy furniture. It doesn't matter what you use to cover your floors or how well you've secured them. This can scratch the surface of the finish and create dents in the wood, regardless of the type of wood floor you have. You should load lightweight products and boxes onto rubber-tired dollies. Also, if you can't carry big pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, use furniture sliders for help.

Take extra precautions to protect hardwood floors during a move

Cover the bottoms and edges of heavy or bulky furniture, such as tables and chairs, with a soft cloth or wrap them in padding. That way, you will avoid damage should you accidentally drop something. Moreover, if it's raining or snowing outside, be extra careful not to bring in salt, mud, or water. Failing to do so can damage hardwood floors. Keep a big heavy-duty mat by the front door for visitors to clean their shoes before entering.

An empty house with great hardwood floors that need protection during a move.

If you're looking to protect your floors during a move, think about taking some extra precautions. If you're installing the floors before moving in, make sure to clear out your home completely.

Get a warranty

Getting a warranty will undoubtedly give you some peace of mind. The Easiklip Warranty comes into effect from the date of the original purchase. If you've purchased your floors online, the email that confirms your order will suffice as proof of the original purchase. It would be best to print and store it someplace safe. This warranty can only be invoked if all of the conditions detailed in it have been fulfilled. However, you should contact the distributor if you have any doubts about what the warranty covers.

Don't overcomplicate

If you don't overcomplicate things, the chances of something going awry will be far lower. To protect hardwood floors during a move, you need to set a strict schedule and ensure that nothing overlaps. If you do everything according to plan, you'll significantly lessen the chances of your floors getting wrecked. Of course, you cannot have complete control over the situation. However, you can do whatever is in your power and then trust that you've done enough.



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