Best Hardwood Flooring for Homes with Pets & Kids

Best Hardwood Flooring for Homes with Pets & Kids

When you are shopping for new hardwood floors, there are obviously many things to consider. You need to find a flooring style (color, finish, etc.) that matches your tastes. Once you've got the looks down you need to make sure it fits in your budget. Ease of installation, delivery time, and product warranties are all factors that help you ultimately decide on which flooring style to purchase.

However, if your home is also inhabited by kids and pets there's another detail to ponder – durability. Easiklip hardwood flooring is a great investment because it retains (or even improves) its resale value over decades. Unless you have a potential home buyer that was looking for the rustic look of toy truck gouges or claw and bite marks you lose a lot of that value with pet and kid damage. That being said, installing hardwood floors isn't necessarily out of the question if you have furry friends and little ones – you just need to know what features to look for.

Features to know before purchasing any flooring types for homes -


Don't Forget – Eco Friendliness

Of course one of the biggest concerns when installing a hardwood floor isn't necessarily potential damage. It is health. Reports that some flooring includes harmful amounts of formaldehyde or that nonprofit centers advise against buying vinyl flooring really can be worrying. Easiklip flooring is a solid piece of hardwood, not an engineered wood floor glued together using harmful VOCs. Our floors are not only safe for your family, they're positive for the environment as well.

Durability and Repair

With pets and kids, accidents do happen. Who knows what your child or your critters can get into and sometimes this unfortunately means some damage to your hardwood floors. One major benefit of Easiklip flooring being a solid hardwood plank is that our product can be sanded down and refinished many times over its lifespan. Not only that, our innovative clip installation is also conducive to easy removal of damaged planks and installation of replacement pieces that will make your floor look brand new again.

Substrates and Protective Barriers

There isn't much that can be done with regard to flooring type when excess moisture is introduced. More specifically, if your child decides to make a swimming pool in your kitchen the flooring is probably going to be damaged. The same goes if your pet finds a secret spot to do their business undetected for about six months.

There are two things working to your advantage even as catastrophes like this occur. Firstly, the easy removal of Easiklip planks makes repair and replacement a much more manageable task than with other hardwood systems. Secondly, you can beef up protection and avoid damage to the substrate by adding a vapor barrier prior to the Easiklip plank installation.

Don't Make the Flooring Do All the Work

Easiklip hardwood planks will stand up to pet and kid havoc better than industry norms but you can help minimize the risk. For one, install plenty of area rugs overtop the hardwood flooring at least while the kids are in their young and rambunctious phase (sometimes age 6-21). Also, keep your pets nails neatly trimmed and install doggie gates to prevent access to rooms with hardwood floors.

Easiklip is the safest and most reliable option if you have a household with pets and kids. You don't have to sacrifice home elegance just to raise a family or to have furry varmints to hog all your couch space with.


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