The Many Benefits of a DIY Flooring Installation

The Many Benefits of a DIY Flooring Installation

One thing that the Easiklip clip-into-place installation method does is save you on the labor costs compared to having the floor laid professionally.  However, our innovative Easiklip tongue and groove is so easy to install you may be able to avoid the pros altogether and put down the floor even with minimal handyman experience.  If you do decide to install your Easiklip floors by yourself, here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy:

Lower Costs

It's pretty simple – if you don't have to pay somebody to do a service for you it's more money in your pocket. One thing that the Easiklip installation method does is allow even the novice home improvement DIYer the opportunity to at least attempt to lay their floor themselves. Sure you may have to rent some of the cutting tools required to go around ducts and corners in a room but overall DIY is much more affordable than paying 2-3 professionals $20-$30 per hour or more for installation.

This lower cost has a trickledown effect on your budget. By installing the floors yourself, you'll have more budget available to either buy more flooring for an adjacent room or upgrade the wood type you choose. This in turn improves the ROI of your project and not only saves you money but could potentially make you some profit in the form of an increased home market value.

A Job Well Done

If you do opt for a professional installer it's important to do your homework to make sure the floor is laid with the quality that the product represents.  One of the benefits of a DIY job however is being able to see every detail of the install be put into motion. You can answer such questions as:

  • Is the subfloor rotted, show signs of mold, need replaced?
  • What kind of vapor barrier should I use?
  • Is there an adequate expansion gap around the edges where the floor is installed?
  • Are there any dips or low points in the subfloor that should be tended to now?

Not that a professional installer wouldn't answer these questions for you, but it's best to have command of the job in your own hands when the opportunity arises.

Gain Knowledge of How the Floors are Installed

One of the best things about the Easiklip flooring installation process is the fact that the planks can be unspanned and installed in other rooms or even in other homes without any damage to the wood. When you install the floors yourself, you'll gain a full understanding on how the product clips into place. Therefore you'll be able to move the planks if needed and do any repairs if they become damaged.  All of this helps yet again to preserve your investment to the fullest.

The biggest concept to take away from a DIY Easiklip floor installation is that “it never hurts to try.

Grab one of our sample packs today and experience the Easiklip difference for yourself!



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