You've Received Your Floor Samples...Now What?

You've Received Your Floor Samples...Now What?

When out shopping for anything for the home – furniture, paint, wallpaper – it's sometimes hard to imagine just how the item will look in your house and blend with the current décor. This sentiment definitely holds true with flooring, perhaps harder to imagine in your home setting than anything besides paint color.

Easiklip has gone the same route as paint manufacturers and has started offering hard wood floor samples, or swatches, so potential customers can get a better visualization. If you find yourself at a standstill after receiving the flooring samples but without any strategy of what to do next, follow these tips:  

Why Are the Samples Offered?

Easiklip offers shipping only hard wood floor samples so potential customers can get a better idea of the color, style, and texture of the different wood species offered. In this Internet shopping era it's nice to have a physical example of a product before making a large purchase. Buying a dress online that ends up two sizes too small is one thing but spending hundreds of dollars on flooring that doesn't match your décor is unforgivable.

Match the Samples to Your Furniture and Walls

It's going to take some imagination, especially since the flooring samples are only about 5” X 6”, but they can give an accurate depiction of how the specific flooring will look in a room. Take the flooring samples to different areas of the room and see how the wood looks in different light and up against various areas such as next to trim and wallpaper as well as transitions into other rooms with different flooring types.

Get Second Opinions

You can receive a few flooring samples at a time so make sure to display each one of them and get a second (or fifth) set of eyes on them as well. Lay out the samples during different parts of the day (to see light changes) and make sure to go through them on multiple days as your mood changes.

Flooring samples really are the only way to get a glimpse into what the wood will look like when installed in your home. The samples are actual pieces of the flooring that will be used but it's important to remember that it's only a 6” section of a board that will be up to 4' long or more. Different grain patterns will be present and the overall color might be slightly different but free samples are a service worthwhile of taking part in.  

Make your decision and calculate your needs

Now that you have had some time to try out each sample in different scenarios and shown them off to any other important decision makers in your home, it's time to calculate how much flooring you actually need.

Depending on your budget, you may only be able to afford hardwood in certain areas, or may need to mix and match expensive stuff with less expensive stuff, depending on the use of that particular room.

If you don't have blueprints for your house, you can quickly calculate how much flooring you will need by following the procedure in this sort video: 


Make an order

Once you have double checked all your square footage numbers and know what styles will work best for you, it's time to head over to our Hardwood Flooring section and add some boxes to your cart.

What's that you say...? You still need to crunch some numbers? Don't worry we've done that for you. If you really want to see how the price of our premium solid hardwood floors compare to similar floors, check out our Hardwood Flooring Price Comparison.

As noted in the video above, make sure you account for waste factor! Many hardwood flooring manufacturers recommend 10-15%. At Easiklip, we recommend 5-8% because our floors typically install with much less wasted wood.

Also, it never hurts to add a couple extra boxes to your order so that you are prepared for any future repairs. It's easy to repair your Easiklip hardwood floor, but you will need to have supplies on hand. Trends change and styles shift with time, so we can't guarantee that the style you purchase today will still be in production 10-20 years from now. Keep some extra flooring in storage so you're ready for bigger accidents - it's your floor's insurance policy and a great way to protect the resale value of your home!

Easiklip floors also come with a 25-year warrantee and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today...




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