Seal Krete Original All-Purpose Waterproofing Primer and Sealer (Sold By Amazon)

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Brand: Convenience

Color: Clear

SEAL-KRETE® ORIGINAL Waterproofing Primer/Sealer protects vertical concrete and masonry against the damaging effects of moisture penetration. It penetrates deeply into concrete pores, binding sand, and cement particles to form a tough, flexible, breathable film. Original is excellent for binding chalky surfaces to improve paint adhesion on all painted and unpainted substrates including concrete block, stucco, aluminum siding, drywall, and plaster. It strengthens mortar joints, reduces efflorescence on brick, and rejuvenates color on older painted surfaces like aged vinyl siding and stucco.


  • The product is Seal-Krete 5GAL Sealer
  • Easy and simple use kit
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Protects new or painted masonry, revitalizes color, non-yellowing, resists mold and mildew growth and binds chalky surfaces
  • May be top-coated with latex, oil-based or elastomeric coating when dry. Can be mixed with one gallon of latex paint to improve spread rate
  • This product is a water-based acrylic. Clean all tools immediately after use with soap and water
  • For use on above grade vertical surfaces or as a primer on horizontal surfaces - not for below grade use
  • Do not use on swimming pools, bird baths, water features, cedar, redwood or in areas where hydrostatic pressure is likely to develop

Publisher: Convenience Products

Details: Seal Krete Original All-Purpose Waterproofer is a penetrating clear satin waterproofer primarily for vertical surfaces.

UPC: 015944100051

EAN: 0015944100051

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