Goldblatt 48in. Double View Vertical Site I-box Spirit Level (Sold By Amazon)

Product Description

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Brand: Goldblatt

Color: Red

An unobstructed view of the vial when plumbing a post or frame is a challenge for traditional levels. The new patented Goldblatt vial technology provides a clear view of the vial from different angles for easier use and better accuracy.


  • Patented Verti-site Vial design vial can be read from the side in confined space, Double view vial
  • Central magnified vials, UV protection finish for color fading resistant
  • 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, machined top and bottom surfaces
  • High Accuracy: 0.029
  • Rubberized end caps protect against shock, comfort grips for ease of handling

Publisher: Hang Zhou Great Star Industrial Co., LTD

UPC: 820909643838

EAN: 7241870665309

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