Packing Up Your Hardwood Floors When You Move – Yes, It is an Option!

Packing Up Your Hardwood Floors When You Move – Yes, It is an Option!


Of course one of the reasons that homeowners may be fretting about installing hardwood in their kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. is because they simply don't plan on living in their current location for an extended period of time. There are two factors that debunk this thought:

  • 1) hardwood floors are an investment that makes your home more appealing to future buyers. Having solid hardwood floors installed can sell your home quicker and at a higher market value.
  • 2) with the clip-in installation of Easiklip floating hardwood floors, you can actually pack up your floors and install them in your new home.

Because of these two simple facts, you should no longer have wavering opinions on whether or not to install hardwood in your home. Whether you want to take the floor with you or just earn more money when you sell the Easiklip install method has you covered. Here are some things to remember:


Remember to Order More!

Obviously when you move your Easiklip floors to a different room or an entirely different home, the odds are pretty slim that the dimensions will be exactly the same. Even if the two rooms are similar in size, you may have lost some boards due to corner cuts, duct work, etc. Therefore we always recommend ordering extra Easiklip flooring at the same time of your original purchase. With a bit of a surplus on hand, you will have the confidence of knowing that you have enough boards in the future which will be properly accilimitized and also from the same batch of floors you have had installed.



The Floor Really is Like New

It is possible – albeit maybe not plausible – to take traditional flooring types such as hardwood or laminate flooring with you when you move. The thing is though, these installation types show obvious signs of wear. Solid hardwood planks for example are nailed to the floor at installation and thus run the obvious risk of breaking when they are “uninstalled”. Even the tongue and groove of laminate flooring seems to never really install with as tight of a seam as originally when it's moved and laid down again.

The Easiklip snap-together installation makes it a possibility to move the floor even multiple times. The clips form a hard, secure connection but one that can be unsnapped as easily as the button on a pair of pants. The floor looks like new no matter how many times you move it and thus your investment is preserved for the true, entire lifespan.


You won't know how much it's going to cost until you ask!

Don't waste your time browsing our site until you know if you can afford our wood first. Fill in this QUICK QUOTE form and one of our friendly staff will get you a quote asap!

*Do you require underlayment? (Our underlayment includes a 2mm foam pad and a vapour barrier)

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