Are Hardwood Floors a Viable Option for Basements and Bathrooms?

Are Hardwood Floors a Viable Option for Basements and Bathrooms?

Try as they might, luxury vinyl and designer tile still cannot fully encapsulate the allure of solid hardwood flooring. Granted, modern manufacturing methods have enabled life-like grains and rough textures in both vinyl and tile but your best ROI is still going to be with solid hardwood flooring planks.

The reasons that hardwood flooring is so alluring are aplenty and apt for almost every room in your home. There's no hardwood flooring type that is inviting as hardwood is in a kitchen. No flooring can match the elegance of hardwood flooring in a dining room. Hardwood flooring also provides a coziness and a relaxing vibe when installed in a bedroom or the living room. But is hardwood flooring perfect for every room in the house?

As inviting and luxurious as it is, solid hardwood does have two major enemies – water and humidity. It sure would be nice to have a comforting dark hardwood installed in a bathroom or as a prime addition to a finished basement but unfortunately those are two areas where moisture and humidity are mainstays.

Installing Hardwood Floors in a Basement

One of the biggest benefits of Easiklip Flooring is that it is the real thing; solid wood planks – not laminate or a compound made from smaller pieces of wood. Since basements are at such a risk of flooding and because water is so devastating to natural wood, you're usually better off going with tile in a basement. Generally speaking, there are many different flooring options for your basement. That being said, if your geographic area is safe from flooding risks, laying a 2mm damp-proof membrane (underlayment) for your Easiklip floor to lay on, will protect it from any moisture seeping up from the concrete underneath making Easiklip solid hardwood floors a viable solution in your basement. Of course, feel free to contact us for an individual consultation for your specific home layout.

Hardwood Floors in a Bathroom

Aside from actual water, another very damaging component to solid hardwood flooring planks is humidity. When hardwood is exposed to humidity, it has a tendency to absorb it and thus swell. Wood will then shrink when its moisture content returns to it's acclimated state. That's a lot of buckling back and forth, especially in a bathroom where humidity might change 4-5 times a day as a family showers.

Hardwood Floors in Washrooms

Of course you aren't relegated to tile in any room where there's a drop of water. If your home happens to have a washroom/make-up room, Easiklip hardwood flooring is a perfect option. These areas of a home might feature a toilet and sink, but as long as there isn't a shower or bath, the threat to a wood floor is minimized. In fact, hardwood floors in a washroom create a very laid back atmosphere that is peaceful and relaxing.

Even though some rooms in your home aren't a traditional option for hardwood flooring, never say never until you give us a call. We can evaluate your basement substrate or bathroom ventilation to see if your dream of hardwood flooring in these rooms really can come true.


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