Greywash / 5" / European White Oak / Solid Hardwood

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Feel alive in your home with sophisticated hardwood floors.

You can transform your house into a tranquil haven in just hours with this easy DIY hardwood that fits your budget.

Our Greywash solid oak floating floor is the floor of the times! Its bleached oil finish makes it the king of contemporary decor, as it brings light and clarity to your interiors. Make your smaller rooms feel more spacious with this bright flooring.

You know what’s crappy about most hardwood, laminate and engineered flooring systems?

  • They are tricky to install
  • They require glue, screws, nails and custom tools
  • You’ll likely need to hire a costly professional installer
  • They take many days to install

Easiklip solid hardwood floors

  • quickly lock together with a tongue and groove profile,
  • require no glue, screws, nails or fuss,
  • are secured underneath with a unique patented aluminum clip system and
  • are easy for you to install in just hours, instead of days.

The ingenious Easiklip system allows floorboards to “float” above the subfloor reducing friction points so the boards stay quiet underfoot and allow for their natural expansion and contraction. 

Imagine the smiles on your friends faces as they admire your gleaming new eco-friendly hardwood floors that you installed yourself. Never has it been so easy to increase you home’s value by bringing in the natural beauty of the outdoors.

If you're like us, maybe you've grown tired of decaying carpets or formaldehyde-releasing engineered wood flooring. Make a healthy choice that your family will enjoy for years to come.

How Much Do You Need?

Use our handy hardwood floor calculator to calculate your square footage and costs. 

Hardwood Floor Calculator

What's Included?

Each box of Easiklip Hardwood Flooring contains 15.069 sq ft of flooring and 42 Aluminum Clips.

World's easiest hardwood flooring system:

  • Easy installation with no nails, glue, screws or fuss. Quickly locks together with a tongue and groove profile and is secured underneath with a unique patented aluminum clip system, saving you time, headache and costly installation expenses


  • Lifespan of at least 50-70 years for less wasted wood and more forests saved
  • Sand and refinish your floor anytime to keep it looking fresh and new
  • Can be easily uninstalled during a renovation or when you move. Save it from damage and keep it with you forever
  • Suitable for basement installations. Now, cold, hard concrete isn't your only option
  • Emits no harmful substances like formaldehyde or other volatile organic compounds so you can feel confident using it your children's rooms and everywhere else you value a healthy living environment
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can shop with peace of mind
Flooring Type Prefinished
Color Gray
Shade Medium/Neutral Shade
Finish Type UV Cured Oil
Finish Detail 4 double coats
Gloss Level Low-Gloss
Surface Texture Smooth
Manufacturer's Grade Natural
Edge Type Beveled Edge
Janka Hardness 1200
*Maximum Length (in.) 55
*Minimum Length (in.) 12
*Average length (in.) 30
* Board lengths in each box of flooring are RANDOM. We do not guarantee a certain number of any specific length of boards with any order.
Width (in.) 5
Thickness (in.) 0.75
Radiant Heat Compatible Yes
Recommended Waste Factor 5-8%
Species White Oak
Product is Stained Or Tinted Yes
Installation Floating (Learn more)
Certification PEFC
Residential Warranty (in years) 25
Commercial Warranty (in years) 3
Finish Warranty (in years) 25
Structural Warranty (in years) 25
Country of Origin China
Packaging Dimensions (inches) Height: 3 Length: 57 Width: 10.2
Product Dimensions (in) Width: 5"

Please refer to our How To Install page for detailed installation instructions.

Please be sure to add 5-8% more flooring to your order to account for waste as you saw boards down to fit your rooms.

It's also a good idea to order an extra box to have on hand for any future repairs you need to make to your floor. Thanks to the ingenious Easiklip clip installation system, you can easily take up your floor and replace any damaged boards in the event of any future blemishes. Learn more about repairing your Easiklip floor

For installation, you will need:

  • An underlayment and damp-proof membrane to protect your Easiklip wood floor against moisture leaking up from your subfloor. This underlayment is a great choice: FloorMuffler Underlayment 
  • Tape measure
  • N IOSH-designated dust mask
  • 15mm spacer blocks
  • Broom
  • Hand saw
  • Eye protection
  • Transition mouldings and baseboards

Order a FREE Easiklip sample pack for a 5" sample of this flooring style. 

We get it! It's hard to feel the durability, smoothness and fine craftsmanship of our Easiklip floors just by seeing photographs. 

Add this to your shopping cart and soon you'll be holding some real-life Easiklip hardwood in your very own hands!


What's Included?

You will receive a 5" sample of each of our floor types:

*Please Note: 

  • The length of sample pieces are NOT the actual lengths of typical boards. Easiklip boards come in random lengths and range from 12-55 inches each.
  • Your sample pack will leave our warehouse within 1-3 business days. Shipping will take anywhere from 3-7 business days.
$82.13 USD

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We love our products, and you should too!

At Easiklip we understand how important it is that your home renovation be everything you dreamed of. Choosing the right products is not always easy and we are here to help. 

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a refund within 30 days of delivery. It really is that EASI.

How Do You Qualify for a Refund?

Please ensure that you product is:

  • In its original packaging
  • In the same condition as it was when it arrived to your home or job site
  • Not used, installed, or marked in any way

You must complete all of the following within 30 days of receiving your order:

  • Contacted our customer care staff to advise that you will be returning all or part of your order
  • Complete the "Easiklip Return Product Form" and email it back to us
  • Have your order packed and ready to ship

If you DID NOT purchase your flooring through Easiklip's "Skip The Warehouse" program, you will receive a full refund for your purchase.

If you DID purchase your flooring through Easiklip's "Skip The Warehouse" program, your order will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. This percentage applies to your flooring and taxes - shipping fees are excluded.

Full Order Returns

For a full refund of your payment, you must return absolutely everything you received from us. All items must also be in their original packaging. Let us know once you have everything packaged up and ready to go. We will then arrange a pickup time for the products. Please note that you will be responsible for return shipping costs.

Partial Order Returns

If you’re looking to return only a portion of your order we are happy to help you out!

Please take note of our Partial Order Return Policy:

  • If you would like us to arrange partial order return pick up, you will be responsible for covering the return shipping costs
  • All Partial Order Returns must be returned in their original condition and packaging
  • All Partial Order Returns must be returned within 30 days of their delivery date

Our Fine Print

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee does not extend to clearance items for both full and partial order returns. Contact our friendly customer care staff if you’re unsure whether or not your product qualifies.

Still have questions? Give us a call at 1-604-366-8578, or send us an email at


Your new EASIKLIP Solid Timber Floor carries a 25 Year Warranty against surface wear (not surface scratches) for Domestic Applications and a 3 Year Warranty against surface wear in the case of Commercial Applications.

This Warranty comes into effect from the date of Original Purchase. The Original dated Purchase Invoice will need to be submitted. If purchased online, your Order Confirmation email will suffice as proof of Original Purchase. We recommend printing your proof of Original Purchase and storing it in a safe place. The Warranty can only be invoked if all of the conditions detailed below have been fulfilled. Please consult the distributor if you have any doubts.

(1) The Warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the floor. The person deemed to be the first owner is the person stated as the buyer on the original purchase invoice. This Warranty is not transferable.

(2) The Warranty only applies to defects inherent to the material supplied. This is understood to mean any material or production defect acknowledged by the manufacturer, including incorrect machining or pre-finishing.

(3) The Warranty can only be invoked if the surface area damaged for each board is greater than 1cm2 . All claims against surface wear must be easily visible and be at least 10% of the entire floor.

(4) It must be possible to provide proof of strict compliance with the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance procedures. These procedures are located in the fitting instructions leaflets contained in the boxes. In the unlikely event of these not being present, copies should be requested from the distributor prior to installation. Where the purchaser is not fitting the floor personally, a copy of the Installation Instructions must be supplied to the fitter for completion.

(5) Damage of a mechanical nature, such as scratches (for example, caused by dragging furniture over the floor) or surface damage caused by falling objects are NOT covered by this Warranty. Gloss reduction is not considered surface wear. We recommend using protective felt pads fitted to table and chair legs and in the case of wheels or castors, these be housed inside felt backed holders. This Warranty does not cover claims regarding damage such as scratches, indentations, or discoloration, resulting from lack of proper maintenance, misuse, negligence, spiked-heel shoes, pets, insects, water, moisture, fire, pebbles, sand, or other abrasives, insufficient protection on furniture, wet-mopping, excessive heat or dryness or failure to maintain proper levels of humidity.

(6) The ingress of sand, grit or other abrasive materials should be prevented. Please install suitable matting at the entrance(s).

(7) We prohibit the use of any adhesive tape on the flooring at any time during installation or thereafter. This includes tapes that are specially made for wood flooring, such as blue or green masking tapes. Use of tape may void this Warranty and no claims will be addressed in regards to defects in the finish as a result of the use of tape.

(8) The floor may not be installed in damp areas such as bathrooms.

(9) Moisture left on the floor and/or cleaning that is too wet and/or the use of inappropriate cleaning products must be avoided at all times.

(10) All Solid Timber Flooring MUST BE INSPECTED before and during Installation. Boards with visible defects must not be installed under any circumstances. We assume that any flooring that has been installed was clear of any visible defects. No credit will be given for boards that have been installed with visible defects or variances. The distributor must be informed within 15 days of purchase of any such defects and defective material will need to be returned to the distributor for this to be replaced.

(11) The cost of removing and re-fitting such defective material is not the responsibility of the distributor or the manufacturer. In the case where the floor is fitted by a professional Solid Timber Floor fitter, the removal and re-fitting costs must be sought from them and in the case of the purchaser fitting the floor themselves, any such costs will be borne by the purchaser.

(12) The distributor or manufacturer can never be held liable for any secondary damage.

(13) Wear must be notified in writing to the distributor at the latest within 30 days of it being noticed.

(14) The distributor or manufacturer reserve the right and must be offered adequate opportunity to inspect the complaint on-site and where applicable, to inspect the floor in its installed condition.

(15) In the case where a complaint is upheld, only Solid Timber Flooring of a like for like basis will be supplied as replacement material via the distributor. There will be no other form of compensation.

(16) The Warranty is on a sliding scale. When it is applied, account will be taken of a fractional reduction in value caused by wear and tear of 1/25 per year

(17) The services provided as part of this Warranty do not extend the original Warranty Period.

FAQ - Easiklip solid hardwood floating flooring


  • Health concerns

    • Unlike many conventional engineered floors which are made of thin pieces of cheap wood glued together at high temperatures, Easiklip is a solid wood flooring. It’s no secret that engineered floors contain volatile organic compounds and harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Because our floors contain no such substances, our floors are good for your health and good for the environment.

  • Where is it produced

    • China

  • How long does it last

    • Easiklip should last 50-70 years minimum

  • How does pricing compare to other floors

  • Where should I NOT install Easiklip

    • Wet rooms (bathroom, sauna...)

  • What rooms can I install Easiklip in

    • Rooms in which the floor is flat, hard and dry. The temperature should be around 20°C and the humidity between 50 and 60%

  • Is Easiklip an engineered flooring?

    • No, it's a solid hardwood

  • How does it work?

  • How can I pay for my order?

    • We accept Paypal and all major credit cards. We also offer Paypal financing which allows you to pay for your order over 6 months with no interest

  • What is the order process?

    • Flooring may be ordered and purchased online using Paypal, or Credit Cards of all types. Simply add products to online shopping cart and complete the checkout process. Any flooring that is on “Backorder” may be purchased today and will become available on the date specified on the product page. Any “in stock” products may be ordered today and will be shipped or ready for pickup within 3-5 business days

  • Can I use easiklip flooring outside?

    • No. Our flooring is for indoor applications only.

  • Can I see the product before purchasing it?

    • Yes, please contact us via our Contact page or open a chat with us. We'd be happy to schedule a time for you to come by our warehouse and view the product. Regrettably, we don't yet have a showroom in Canada or the United States.



  • How do I install it

    • Installation is quick and easy. Please refer to our How To Install page

  • What are the tools and supplies I need to install my Easiklip flooring

    • You will need a tape measure, N IOSH-designated dust mask, 15mm wedges, broom, hand saw, eye protection, transition and wall mouldings.
      We recommend using a 2mm underlayment and damp-proof membrane to protect your Easiklip wood floor against moisture leaking up from your subfloor.

  • Can I install over top of carpet or other existing flooring

    • For installation over existing flooring, the floor humidity must be 10% maximum

    • For installation over a concrete floor, the humidity of the concrete floor can't be above 2.5/3%

    • The support has to be flat, hard, dry and free of dust

    • Carpet and other flexible coatings have to be removed

  • What type of underlay do I need

    • You need a damp proof membrane and a minimum 2mm underlay

  • Can I install in a basement

    • Yes. You have to install a 2mm underlay and a vapour barrier (damp proof membrane)

  • What if any of my boards are damaged when I unpack them?

  • Do I Need glue or nails

    • Nope. Our floors clip together with a tongue and groove system coupled with aluminum clips. There is no fussy stuff!

  • Can I install Easiklip myself

    • Yes, that's why we call it "Easi"

  • How long will installation take?

    • For most average people, we estimate 1-2 hours of labour for every 100 sq ft of installed flooring. You'll likely get faster as you go!

  • Can I hire someone else to install my Easiklip floor for me?

    • Yes, of course. Please contact us if you'd like some recommendations for qualified installers in your area.

  • Maintenance:

    • What cleaning supplies should I use on my floor

      • For daily maintenance, the floor can be vacuumed or swept

      • Don't use aggressive cleaning agents

      • Never use ammonia or chlorine

      • Use a wet rag if necessary



  • How can I repair my floor if one or multiple boards are damaged?

    • We always recommend you purchase 5-8% more flooring than you think you need in case you damage your floor at any point. To replace any damaged boards, remove all baseboards and begin to pull up your Easiklip flooring in the opposite direction you installed it, beginning with the last board you installed. As you lift each board, number it on the underside so you can remember the sequence of each board so you don't end up having to cut down and waste any of your existing undamaged floor. Trim your replacement boards to match the length of the boards you will be replacing. Once you reach the damaged area, replace the damaged boards with new boards of the same lengths and re-lay the remaining boards.



  • How should I remove my floor

    • Remove it in reverse to how you installed it. If you are planning to do a renovation and wish to remove your flooring so as to not damage it, you will want to remember the order the boards were installed in. for this, we recommend that you number your boards on the underside with a jiffy marker or similar as you remove them

  • How can I package and store my floor during transportation

    • Package your flooring in long boxes that allow the flooring to remain flat. Transporting the flooring on any of it's sides can easily cause damage to the tongue and groove board edges. We recommend that you wrap all boards with newspaper or a flexible foam to prevent boards from scratching each other.



  • What is the return policy?

  • I have questions regarding purchasing, shipping, installation, maintenance or repair. Who should I contact?

    • Give us a call 1-604-366-8578 or chat with us online.



Please see our Easiklip Warranty page

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