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Welcome! Do you like to do it yourself? Then you've found the right blog for all your hardwood flooring projects.

In this blog, you'll find helpful articles to guide you through each step of our hardwood flooring project. 

Begin by exploring our hardwood floor knowledge base to learn about hardwood hardwood categories, options and considerations. If you think solid hardwood is right for you, move on to our second section which delves into pre-installation topics. To learn about best practices for hardwood floor installation, check out our "How To Install" section. 

If you're already got beautiful hardwood flooring installed and you want to make sure you are maintaining it with the best possible methods, read some articles from our section on maintenance and cleaning

Lastly, if you had some accidents and need to repair your wood flooring, then section 5, "How To Repair" is just for you!

Enjoy! And please contact us if you think we're missing anything you'd like to learn more about.


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You CAN put radiant heat under hardwood floors! But how, you ask? Read this how-to guide for instructions on installing the Laticrete Radiant Heat System underneath your Easiklip solid hardwood flooring.

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